Hua was born and raised in China where she received her
undergraduate degree.  She then completed her graduate degree at
San Jose State University in 1995.   She passed the CPA exam with
one of the highest grades which earned her a Top Ten Award by
Texas State Board of Public Accountancy. Hua had worked for two
public accounting firms, and accumulated experiences in various
taxation and accounting subjects. Hua has started to work for herself
from home office since year 2003 so she has a flexible work
schedule for her school kids.
Hua’s retired husband, Forrest, who has 35 years computer
experience, joined the business at the end of 2007.
Our Goal
Our goal is to educate
clients in the legitimate
ways in which clients can
pay the lowest tax allowed
by the law. Our turn-key
solutions allow clients to
focus on building their
businesses, while our
flexibility allows clients to
utilize only the services they
Through our years of experience in all areas of taxation and
accounting, our clients greatly benefit from:
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  • Reduced costs
  • Lower tax bills and
  • Peace of mind
Hua Gray Development History
About Us
Hua Gray, CPA
What sets us apart from other accounting organizations is:
  • Our knowledge of the latest opportunities in tax law
    and financial instruments and
  • Our ability to provide solid advice on lowering tax
    liability while reducing audit exposure.